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Friday, 17 March 2017


UNITED STATES Vs PUERTO RICO Live Stream|Scores|Winner

The second round of wbc 2017 is underway and we have seen a good competition till yet and further is expected.
This friday night Puerto Rico would take over United States which is a must win for both the teams to qualify for the semifinals.
A thrilling match was fought between the defending champions and Puerto Rico and also the final of WBC 2013 was fought between these two teams and Puerto Rico took the revenge by defeating Dominican Republic by 3-1 and registered a crucial win to qualify for the semifinals.
A great performance from the side of United States was also seen as it registered the win against Venezuela.
Because both Puerto Rico and the USA won their first game of the second, the team that wins Friday’s game will be in excellent position to advance to the semifinals at Dodger Stadium. The loser of Friday’s game won’t be eliminated from the WBC. It would make their next game a must-win, however.


PUERTO RICO Vs VENEZUELA Live Stream|Scores|Winner

As the second round has started and the competition is in top gear and thrilling matches are been expected overway.
Here comes the match between Puerto Rico and Venezuela which is a must win for Venezuela as it has lost its match against United States.
As the previous match fought between both of these team was in first round and Venezuela was deafeated by 11-0 which was a great loss and Venezuela would like to take revenge and give its best performance so as to advance to the semifinals.


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