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Wednesday, 22 March 2017



United States have won the fourth season of WBC 2017 defeating the Puerto Rico which was undefeated till the semifinals but have lost against United States on the Wednesday night by a score of 8-0. It was a great victory of United States over the Puerto Rico as it was the final and United States have lifted the Championship trophy.

Puerto Rico Vs United States World Baseball Classic 2017 Final| Watch Live WBC 2017 Final| Puerto Rico Vs United States Baseball Live 2017

Puerto Rico Vs United States Baseball Classic 2017 Final Live

The WBC 2017 Champion is just a single match away going to be played in Dodger Stadium on the Wednesday night in between the Puerto Rico and United States. Among these two teams none of the team has won the title of WBC.

United States have been performing great throughout as they defeated the defending champions and now they have defeated Japan in the semifinals by a score of 2-1 which was a shocking performance from the side of United States as Japan was a strong contender throughout te tournament but they have defeated them and made there way to the finals.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

JAPAN Vs UNITED STATES Baseball Semi Final|World Baseball Classic 2017 SEMI FINAL Live Streaming| Baseball 2017 Semi final Live Stream|Winner|Update

Japan Vs United States Semi Final Baseball Classic Live 2017

WBC is on its end and here comes the second semifinal of the tournament with the chamiopnship game to be played on Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium.
The second semifinal will be played on Tuesday night in between Japan and United States. Japan has won the championship two times from the three seasons of the WBC and now Japan has qualified in the semifinals. As a strong contender of the game the percentage of Japan to play finals is large as compared to the United States.

But the thrilling performance of United States was shocking as it defeated Dominican Republic the defending champions of the tournament. So they will be giving a tougher fight to Japan in the semifinal.
Japan is by far the most experienced team remaining, having won both the 2006 and 2009 tournaments, and finished third in 2013. They are expected to start Tomoyuki Sugano, who has allowed five runs in 8 1/3 innings thus far. The best known player in the United States on the Japan roster is outfielder Nori Aoki. Otherwise this is a squad bereft of big-league talent.
The Nationals' Tanner Roark will start vs. the Japanese, making his second appearance for Team USA. The right-hander yielded three runs in a relief appearance in the United States' Round 1 loss to the Dominican Republic in Miami.
The U.S. will deploy a similar lineup to the one it used in its 6-3 victory over the Dominican Republic on Saturday, with the exception of catcher, where Buster Posey will start instead of Jonathan Lucroy. At Monday afternoon's workout at Dodger Stadium, Leyland praised the way his players have come together as a unit in their short time playing for Team USA.
Mostly expected Japan will win over United States and play the championship against the Puerto Rico. Both these teams are having a 6-0 record in the tournament i.e won all the matches that they have played.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Puerto Rico Vs Netherlands Baseball Semi final|World Baseball Classic 2017 SEMI FINAL Live Streaming| Baseball 2017 Semi final Live Stream

Puerto Rico Vs Netherlands Semi Final Baseball Classic Live 2017

Puerto Rico has won the match against Netherlands and the second time it has qualified for the finals as it did in the last season of the WBC. Puerto Rico defeated Netherlands by a score of 4-3 on Monday night qualifying for the final of WBC. Carlos Correa scored the game-winning run on a sacrifice fly by Eddie Rosario in the bottom of the 11th inning. This match included an extra innings in which Puerto Rico took advantage and won the match.

It’s the second straight time that Puerto Rico has reached the WBC championship game after losing to the Dominican Republic in 2013. This time around, it will face the winner of the semifinal between the United States and Japan, which is set for Tuesday.
Here comes the climax for the coming three days which includes three matches i.e two semifinals and and a thrilling final match to declare tge World Baseball Champion.
Today is the day to discover the first finalist of the WBC 2017 between the Puerto Rico and Netherlands.
Puerto Rico were the eventual runners-up to champion Dominican Republic in that tournament. Expect the two high-octane offenses to bring their lumber to Dodger Stadium, but the teams will likely prefer to score their runs early.

Saturday, 18 March 2017



A must win for United states as it has won a match against Venezuela but has lost against Puerto Rico by 6-5. So to advance to the semifinals it has to win against the defending champions of WBC i.e Dominican Republic.

A thougher competition is expected as a do or die match for both of the teams to get through this round and take a place in the semifinals.

Friday, 17 March 2017


The matches of Pool E and Pool F have started which are expected with full of thriller and excitement as the top two teams of both the pools will qualify for the semifinals. A good competition will be seen as each tam wants to advance to the semifinals but the eyes would be on the champions of previous seasons of WBC i.e Japan and Dominican Republic. And also Puerto Rico is having a good tournament till now so is expected to qualify fir the semifinals.

JAPAN Vs CUBA Live Stream| Scores| Winners

A great match between the two time champion of WBC and Cuba was full of excitement. Japan won the match against Cuba by a score of 8-5.
Tetsuto Yamada hit two home runs, including a crucial two-run shot in the bottom of the eighth inning, to help propel Japan past Cuba in an entertaining game that lived up to the hype in Tokyo.
Looking ahead, Japan will advance to the semifinals if it can take care of business against Israel in the group finale Wednesday.


We are just few days away from the semifianls of the season 4 of World Baseball Classic and it has been a great competition till yet and the excitement, thriller and suspense is going to increase as we are going closer to the finals and predictions for the winner of WBC 2017 have started. This time Japan is expected to lift the trophy again as it did jn the first teo seasoms but was disappointed with the third position in the third edition of WBC.So it would like to win this time but Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are also in a good form.

JAPAN Vs ISRAEL Live Stream|Scores|Winner


UNITED STATES Vs PUERTO RICO Live Stream|Scores|Winner

The second round of wbc 2017 is underway and we have seen a good competition till yet and further is expected.
This friday night Puerto Rico would take over United States which is a must win for both the teams to qualify for the semifinals.
A thrilling match was fought between the defending champions and Puerto Rico and also the final of WBC 2013 was fought between these two teams and Puerto Rico took the revenge by defeating Dominican Republic by 3-1 and registered a crucial win to qualify for the semifinals.
A great performance from the side of United States was also seen as it registered the win against Venezuela.
Because both Puerto Rico and the USA won their first game of the second, the team that wins Friday’s game will be in excellent position to advance to the semifinals at Dodger Stadium. The loser of Friday’s game won’t be eliminated from the WBC. It would make their next game a must-win, however.


PUERTO RICO Vs VENEZUELA Live Stream|Scores|Winner

As the second round has started and the competition is in top gear and thrilling matches are been expected overway.
Here comes the match between Puerto Rico and Venezuela which is a must win for Venezuela as it has lost its match against United States.
As the previous match fought between both of these team was in first round and Venezuela was deafeated by 11-0 which was a great loss and Venezuela would like to take revenge and give its best performance so as to advance to the semifinals.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


A thrilling round is to start in which the the top 2 teams from each of the Pool have qualified for the next round. The winners of these matches have qualified for the second round of Wbc 2017 which is to be played in Japan and United states. Pool E matches will be played in Tokyo Dome Japan and Pool F matches in San Diego United States.


A most awaited match of Dominican Republic the defending champions fought against the United States and won as usual by a score of 7-5. It was a great win as at a moment DR was losing but Nelson Cruz hit a three-run home run in the eighth inning against ace relief pitcher Andrew Miller, highlighting a furious rally win.
The Dominicans improved to 2-0 in the first round and can win Pool C with a win over Colombia on Sunday afternoon. Team USA fell to 1-1, and needs a win over Canada on Sunday night (and possibly some help) to advance to the second round.

Friday, 10 March 2017


Three matches are to played today with full of excitement as the champion of 2006 and 2009 is going to play against China in the first match. Second match is to be played between Colombia and United States and the third match will be played in between Venezuela and Puerto Rico which was the runner up of the previous season of the tournament that is WBC 2013. Puerto Rico is being expected to give a great performance this season and make it to the finals this time too.


A thriller between china and japan the champion of 2006 and 2009 tournament.Japan has won the previous two matches against the Cuba and Australia and would also be winning against the china. 
Starter Ayumu Ishikawa would be expected to give the same performance as he gave in the first match against the Cuba.
Also Japan won against the Aussies and won by a score of5-1 in which fielder Yoshitomo Tsutsugo provided a two run stand at the end of the innings and managed a successful win.
Japan has already made to the second qualifiers but would also be thinking to defeat China which is in a need of win so as to qualify to te next round. So a tougher competition is expected in the match.


Here comes the result of te matches played on the fourth day which were played between Italy Vs Mexixo and Cuba Vs Australia. First one was won by Italy which was a great comeback of Italy into the game defeating Mexico. Second match was a little bit of disappointment from the Australian side as they lost the game against Cuba as they won against China in the previous match by 11-0.

Thursday, 9 March 2017


The fourth day of the tournament started with the advancement of Israel and Netherlands into the second qualifier as they played a show match just for fun as both were already qualified but Israel continued th hot play and won against the Netherlands. Then the day featured thre e more matches which included matches from Pool A, Pool B and Pool C.


After a defeat on wednesday Australia come back into the game by winning the match against China with 11-0. Aussies didn't allowed China to score a single run which in turn helped them to win with a huge difference in the scores by a lead of 11 runs.
The loss knocked China out of contention for the second round and set up a win-and-in game between the Aussies and Cuba.
The expectation going into the World Baseball Classic was that Australia and Cuba would battle it out for the No. 2 spot in Group B behind Japan, and by virtue of Thursday's win, that will come to fruition.


This match was the last match of Pool A and was full of excitement and thriller as Korea defeated Chinese Taipei by a score of 11-8 but could not make into the second qualifier as Korea lost the other matches except winning this one.
With the Koreans on top 11-8, St. Louis Cardinals reliever Seung Hwan Oh completed his second inning of work to finish the game and earn the win.
The 2017 World Baseball Classic was undoubtedly a bitter disappointment for Korea, as it finished third in 2006 and second in 2009.


The defending champions of the tournament did not disappointed as they won their first match with a score of 9-2 against Canada which was the first opening match of Pool C of WBC 2017.

Despite the final score, the game was still up for grabs in the sixth when Dominican Republic held a 5-2 lead. That's when Bautista added three insurmountable insurance runs with a towering home run to left.
The victors put things on cruise control from there and started this edition of the World Baseball Classic right where they left off.


The third day started with full excitement with action in pool A and pool B. Three matches were played kn the day and Netherlands started the day with a victory and then second match was won by Japan and the first one of the day four was by Israel defeating Netherlands.Though both the teams i.e Netherlands and Israel have already qualified for the second round. 


Netherlands was the winner against the Chinese taipei by a score of 6-5 which was a very tough match won by Netherlands by just 1 run .
The score was level at a time and then the twist came in the match and a lead of 1 run was taken by Netherlands which came through the hands of Profar.
Although he didn't come through with a big hit, Profar managed to draw a walk, which resulted in Dwayne Kemp coming home and the Netherlands winning 6-5.


The second match of the day was fought between Japan and Australia and Japan won by a score of 5-1.
Though it started slow for the Japan but they managed to get a successful win over the Aussies. Australia jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the second inning when catcher Allan de San Miguel went deep with a solo homer. The Aussies carried that advantage into the fifth inning until Nobuhiro Matsuda executed a sacrifice fly to tie it.
The game was essentially put away in the eighth inning when left fielder Yoshitomo Tsutsugo connected for a two-run shot and Japan took a lead over Aussies.


The first match of the fourth day was between Israel and Netherlands but as both the teams have made to the second round of WBC therefore this match was just a show match but it didn't stoped Israel to continue it's hot play to win over Netherlands by a score of 4-2.
Netherlands' bullpen kept it within striking distance, and Bogaerts' RBI groundout in the third made it a two-run game.
However, Israel tacked on an insurance run in the sixth and allowed just one run in the eighth despite committing two errors and handing out two walks in four straight at-bats. Josh Zeid induced a critical double play with the bases loaded to escape the jam.
Zeid then closed the door in the ninth to clinch the win.


The 2017 World Baseball Classic officially got underway Monday morning in South Korea.
Israel opened the fourth Classic against South Korea before playing Chinese Taipei later the same day. Those were the only two games on the early slate in Pool A. Pool B begins play Tuesday. Pools C and D, the former of which includes the United States, do not begin playing until Thursday.


The world baseball classic started with a thriller with the match between israel and south korea. Scott burchman being the man of the match as he helped the team to win over south korea by 2-1.

Burcham and Sam Fuld each finished with two hits for Israel, while Geon-chang Seo, Ah-seop Son and Byung-hun Min each had multihit games for the home country.


The second match of the day in pool A was between Israel and Chinese taipei. Israel continued the impressive performance as shown in the first match of the day and won against the Chineese taipei with a score of 15-7 which was a huge victory as it was with a lead of 8 runs.

Troy Neiman allowed three earned runs in that final frame after R.C. Orlan, Tyler Herron, Dylan Axelrod and Danny Burawa combined to give up a mere one earned and three total runs following Baker's outing.

The second day of wbc rolled with three games of pool A and pool B. One of the match included japan the champion of 2006 and 2009 tournament.

Pool A games are being hosted at the Gocheok Sky Dome in South Korea. Pool B games are held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. Pool C, which includes the United States, and Pool D are both slated to kick off play Thursday evening.


The first match on the second day was played between the teams of pool A i.e South Korea and Netherlands and the match was won by Netherlands defeating South Korea by a score of 5-0.
Texas Rangers star Jurickson Profar blasted a two-run homer for the Netherlands in the first inning, and the team never looked back en route to a shutout victory over South Korea.
South Korea was not able to translate it's rallies into runs and therefore suffered with defeat and it has a chance to play with the Chinese Taipei and to be in the competition.


The second match of the day started with a thriller as the champion of 2006 and 2009 was playing against the Cuba.
Japan played very well in the starting and got a score of 7-1 in first five innings then a competion was seen as Cuba gace a tougher fight in the next innings but is was too late and Japan won over Cuba by a score of 11-6.
Starter Ayumu Ishikawa gave up just one run in four innings to secure the win. The right-hander stated afterward he still hoped to see improvement next time out as per Danny Knobler.
 Cuba is having a chance to cover the lose as on the same day next match was going to be played with China.


Cuba gave a excellent performance on the third day  in the next match and won a thriller againt china by 6-0.
Starter Vladimir Banos set the tone from the start with five scoreless innings. He struck out four and allowed just one hit, which proved to be China's only one of the entire game. The bullpen combination of Vladimir Garcia, Livan Moinelo and Miguel Lahera shut the door the rest of the way with plenty of run support from the offense.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Watch Baseball Classic Live Streaming 2017 | WBC 2017 Live| Baseball Rules

World baseball classic 2017 is less than a month away and the roasters have been announced. World best players of baseball being included in the teams and the competition are going to start in Seoul, South Korea on March 6.Sixty Three Major Baseball leagues going to participate in the competition from the globe. The excitement for the tournament has taken a greater level as it started in 2006.

Tie-Breaker Game

If at the end of pool play in the First and Second Rounds of the Tournament, teams within a pool are tied with an identical winning percentage, then the tie shall be broken in the following order of priority with the higher ranked Federation Team serving as the home team.

First and Second Place Teams Tied

In the event that the first and second-place teams are tied for Pool Winner designation, the Team that defeated the other tied Team in that Round shall be ranked higher in the pool standings for that Round.

Three Teams Tied 2-1

If there are three teams 2-1, then the tiebreaker rules would be applied to rank the three, and the first-ranked team would advance. The second and third-ranked teams would play an additional game to determine who the second-place team is. The tiebreaker rules applied would be as follows:

· Step 1: The tied Teams shall be ranked in the standings for that Round according to fewest runs allowed divided by the number of innings (including partial innings) played in defense in the games in that Round between the Teams tied.
· Step 2: The tied Teams shall be ranked in the standings according to fewest earned runs allowed divided by the number of innings (including partial innings) played in defense in the games in that Round between the Teams tied.
· Step 3: The tied Teams shall be ranked in the standings according to highest batting average in games in that Round between the Teams tied.
· Step 4: Standings shall be determined by the drawing of lots, conducted by WBCI.

Three Teams Tied 1-2

If there are three teams tied 1-2, then the tiebreaker rules would be applied to rank the three, and the first two ranked teams would play a tiebreaker game, the winner of which would advance. The tiebreaker rules will be applied using the same four steps listed above.

Championship Round

The Semi-final game and Final game of the Tournament shall be conducted in a single elimination format. Each Semi-final game shall match a winner of a Second Round pool against a runner-up of the other Second Round pool. The winners of each Semi-final game shall meet in the Championship game of the Tournament.

Extra Innings

For any inning beginning with the 11th inning, the Federation Team at bat shall begin the inning with runners on first and second base. The batter who leads off an inning shall continue to be the batter who would lead off the inning in the absence of this extra-innings rule. The runner on first base shall be the player (or a substitute for such player) in the batting order immediately preceding the batter who leads off the inning. The runner on second base shall be the player (or a substitute for such player) in the batting order immediately preceding the runner on first base.

Designated Pitcher Pool

Each Federation Team may identify a designated pool of 10 pitchers who are eligible to participate in one or more consecutive rounds. The list is submitted to WBCI at the time the Provisional and Final rosters are due. For the Federation Team to utilize the Designated Pitcher Pool, the Federation Team's Final Roster shall include one or two pitchers from the pool. If no pitcher is listed from the pool, on their submitted roster to WBCI, the Federation Team is prohibited from using the Designated Pitcher Pool for the remainder of the Tournament. Once the pool pitcher is named on a Tournament roster and subsequently removed prior to the next round, the pitcher is no longer eligible to participate. After each round of the Tournament, any pitcher from an advancing Federation's Designated Pitcher Pool may be replaced on the Federation's Final Roster with another pitcher from that Federation's Designated Pitcher Pool, provided that no member of the Designated Pitcher Pool may be added back to his Federation's Final Roster once he has been replaced by another member of the Designated Pitcher Pool. Affiliated members of the Designated Pitcher Pool who are not included on their federation's Roster for a given round of the Tournament should report to or remain with their Major League Club, as directed by the Club. If the pitcher being replaced is an affiliated pitcher, he must return to his Major League Club's spring training camp once he is no longer an active member of the Federation's 28-man roster.

Video Replay Review

In the First and Second Rounds, video replay review by umpires shall be available to assist the umpires only in regard to plays involving home runs or potential home runs. If the umpire crew chief determines that video replay review is appropriate, the umpire crew chief shall conduct the review himself with participation from at least one other member of the umpire crew. For the Championship Round, video replay review by the umpires shall be available to assist the umpires in the same manner as used during the Major League Baseball championship season, with the exception of manager challenges.

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