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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

WBC 2017 Rivals- Dominican Republic | Puerto Rico | Japan

Get ready for the biggest clash of baseball between the top 3 teams of World Baseball Classic 2017, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Japan. These three teams mainly are the toughest competitor of Baseball Championship. And also among these three teams Dominican Republic and Japan is biggest competitor of this Championship as they have lifted the trophies of WBC.
Japan has won this tournament for two times that is WBC 2006 and WBC 2009 and gave a tougher competition to rivalry teams in the Championship.

The third edition was won by Dominican Republic by defeating Puerto Rico which gave its best performance till yet in the Championship and that was shown as it qualified in the finals of third edition but lost against Dominican Republic by 3-0 as this team that is Dominican Republic is a tougher competitor for the rest of teams.
A great competition is expected this year, all the teams would have made changes in their teams so as viewers would feel excitement in every match of this season and we would be able to see do or die matches among the teams which are excited and practicing to go for Gold in the Competition.

WBC 2009 Highlights.

In 2009 the biggest surprise in the tournament was that the Dominican Republic was defeated by Netherlands two times in the Pool D and advanced in the next rounds. So we saw the revenge of Dominican Republic in the next season when it lifted the trophy of World Baseball Classic and the best thing is that Dominican Republic didn’t lost a single match in the third season of World Baseball Classic. The Second season final was fought between Japan and South Korea and South Korea gave a good competition to Japan as it defeated Japan in the First round of second edition but then Japan won rest two matches out of three against South Korea in which Final is included and Japan won the final by a Score of 5-3 and lifted the trophy of the second edition.

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World Baseball Classic 2013 was a successful tournament and we came to see the excitement and joy in the people during the tournament and also expected in the fourth edition of WBC.

World Baseball Classic 2017 would be expected with a great tournament atmosphere with full of joy, fun and excitement.

What are Team Strategies of Dominican Republic in WBC 2017?

In 2013 edition the best change was observed in Dominican Republic as it was in the previous edition that Dominican Republic was not even qualified in the second round of the third edition of World Baseball Classic but it came with full confidence and hope. It also gave a tougher competition to the rest of teams. Dominican Republic won all the matches that it played during the third season of World Baseball Classic and this time also all the teams would be planning some strategy and overcome the faults that the teams made during the third edition to defeat Dominican Republic and achieve a bench mark. These strategies would help to build a good competition among the teams and the viewers would enjoy throughout the tournament as it would be filled with drama, suspense and action throughout the season.

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