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Monday, 7 November 2016

World Baseball Classic 2017 Grounds- Baseball Parks

World Baseball Classic 2017 Baseball Parks

World Baseball Classic 2017 is the biggest upcoming sports event going to be hosted in Tokyo, Seoul, Miami and Guadalajara for the first round. Second round would be hosted in Tokyo and San Diego. The most interesting and exciting round i.e. the Championship round would be played in Los Angeles. 
In World Baseball Classic 2017 16 teams have qualified, in which 12 have qualified from the results of WBC 2013 and the rest of the four teams have qualified by the qualifying matches held in February and September 2016. In these 16 teams, Israel and Colombia have qualified for the first time in World Baseball Classic.
In the first round each team would be playing with the other three teams in the pool and the top two teams of each pool will advance to the second round of WBC 2017. In second round the top two teams of pool 1 and pool 2 will be qualified for the semifinals with the winner of each pool playing with the runner up of other pool. The Home team in the finals will be decided by the winning percentage of the teams qualified, the team with higher percentage will be declared as Home team and if the percentage is identical then the home team is decided by flipping a coin.   

Tokyo Dome (Japan)

Tokyo Dome serving as home ground of Yomiuri Giants, Dome hosts approximately 60 professional games in a year including Major League Baseball season opening game, Japanese-American baseball games, and the World Baseball Classic. Tokyo Dome is having a capacity of 42000 people providing a good view of the event to the people.

Gocheok Sky Dome (Seoul)

Gocheok is the home ground of Nexen Heroes. This Dome is primarily used for Baseball having a capacity of 17000 spectators for baseball games. It also host some of the concerts organized in Seoul other then baseball matches.

Marlins Park (Miami)

Marlins Park is a baseball park located in Miami, Florida. It is hosting as a home ground of Miami Marlins having a capacity of 36,742 spectators for a baseball match. The facility hosted a second round pool of the World Baseball Classic 2013 and will host the World Baseball Classic 2017. The park also hosts soccer matches and other events during the winter. Marlins park also hosted newly created Miami Beach Bowl.

Estadio Charros de Jalisco(Guadalajara)

Estadio Charros de Jalisco named after the home team Charros de Jalisco in the Mexican Pacific League of Guadalajara. This baseball park can host only 8000 spectators for a baseball match. It is having the lowest capacity then the other five baseball parks hosted for World Baseball Classic 2017.

Petco Park (San Diego)

Petco Park is a baseball park located in the downtown area of San Diego, California. It serves as the home park of San diego padres of Major League Baseball(MLB). Petco Park is having a capacity of 40,162 spectators for a baseball match. Petco Park also hosts concerts, football, golf and rugby. It is the second largest baseball park in terms of capacity of spectators.

Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles)

Dodger Stadium is going to host the Championship round of the biggest international baseball event to be held in March 2017. Dodger Stadium is the largest Baseball park having a capacity of approximately 56,000 spectators for a baseball match. Dodger Stadium is the home park of Los Angeles Dodgers, the city's Major League Baseball Franchise.


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